NOTE: We have received reports that StyleTap for Android does NOT install or run under Android 14. Test the trial version on your device before purchasing or upgrading.


Release Notes for Version 1.1.021

VERSION 1.1.021 (2012-12-12)

  • Added barcode scanning support for Motorola MC55a and MC75a. There is a new DLL SymbolScannerlDLLv25.dll which will be used instead of SymbolScannerDLL.dll if the device is a Motorola MC55a/MC75a
  • Added barcode scanning support for Janam XM66, Motorola ES400, Symbol 3100, MC7500S
  • Fixes for HTC Touch Pro2
  • Support for Dolphin 9900, Pidion BIP-7000, Psion Workabout 7527S, Aceeca 1500, Datalogic Falcon
  • Fixes to DmInsertionSort/DmQuickSort, SysBinarySearch/SysInsertionSort/SysQSort
  • Fixes for TealPrint
  • Added support for "MountObjectStore=yes" and "ShowTaskBar=no" options in the StyleTapInit.ini file
  • Fix to WinSaveBits so that if the specified rectangle is too big, it will return sysErrNoFreeResource
  • Fix to vfs.cpp so that default subdirectory for Palm database files is "/PALM/Launcher/" instead of "/PALM/Launcher"
  • Added fix to FrmSetMenu so that menu is not reset if the resource ID is the same as the active menu
  • If a database cannot be loaded (most likely due to corruption), an attempt is made to load a backup version of the database if it exists. Database backup can be enabled by specifying "BackupDatabaseBeforeSaving=yes;" in the StyleTapInit.ini file
  • Fixes for RoadLingua
  • Various miscellaneous fixes

Release Notes for Version 1.1.020

VERSION 1.1.020 (2010-07-27)

  • Fixed regression problem in function DmFindSortPosition
  • Added feature to allow extended range of Window messages to be passed to application when ExtendedWmUserMsgRangeStart=xxx and ExtendedWmUserMsgRangeEnd=yyy are specified in the StyleTapInit.ini file. xxx and yyy are decimal values
  • New "Find" menu option under "Applications" in StyleTap Launcher. This invokes all Palm applications to search for specified text
  • Added "FlushDatabasesWhenIdle=yes;" StyleTapInit.ini feature. Causes any changed database to be written to a file when a nilEvent is generated
  • Added support for BioControl RFID reader (CE device)
  • Added support for M3Mobile MC7101 to enable scanner hardware key
  • Fixed a couple of problems on Intermec CN50 where under certain conditions either the WM navigation bar at the top of the screen or the StyleTap button bar at the bottom were not displayed
  • Added speed optimization to data manager

Release Notes for Version 1.1.019

VERSION 1.1.019 (2010-05-01)

  • SSL support added
  • Fix to changing UserName problem where user could not change user name, even after 24 hours
  • Added features to avoid truncated databases. Changed databases are written to files when StyleTap is put into the background and in low memory situations
  • Changes to StrCompareAscii, StrNCompareAscii and StrLen
  • Change to allow later versions of Astraware games to work
  • Fix for SmartListToGo record sorting
  • Change to fix quitting problem in dqsoft games
  • Fix to problem when SrmOpen called using COM port assigned to internal GPS device on Treo 800w/Pro and possibly other devices
  • Fix to make EvtGetPenNative more responsive
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements for HanDBase and various other applications

Release Notes for Version 1.1.017

VERSION 1.1.017 (2009-11-14)

  • StyleTap will try to use AllKeys and direct draw instead of GAPI if running Windows Mobile 6.5 or later (i.e CE level is greater than 5.2 or CE level is 5.2 and build number is greater than 21000)
  • StyleTap button bar at bottom will now show an up/down scroll bar if the SIP is invoked and the StyleTap window is partially obscured by it. This is necessary because the SIP is taller in WM 6.5 and more of the window is obscured
  • Keyboard fixes for HTC Touch2/HD2 and HP iPAQ 100/200 series devices
  • Fix to problem which was preventing StyleTap from running on some Windows CE devices. NLedGetDeviceInfo and NLedSetDevice are now dynamically linked to instead of statically linked since they are not always included in some Win CE implementations (e.g. Aceeca 1500)
  • Fix to problem when bringing up on-screen keyboard on a Win CE device and it was in DIB mode (i.e. FastScreenUpdate was disabled). When this happened, StyleTap no longer had keyboard focus
  • Added code to recognize CE devices: Symbol MC9090, SmartQ 7 and Psion Workabout Pro
  • Fix to sound playback when using variable length sound buffers
  • Fix to menus (DateBook)
  • Workaround for checking password on devices that don't allow this
  • Fix in memory manager to show greater free memory to allow various Astraware games to run (Bejeweled2 v1.3, Casino and Solitaire)
  • Fix to SrmClose to reduce the amount of time taken if connection is lost
  • Fix to regression problem so that a nilEvent is generated at every insertion point blink
  • Fixes to ScanSetBarcodeLengths for both Symbol and Intermec barcode scanner support
  • Fix to SymbolScannerDLL so that RSS14 is also enabled when I2OF5 is enabled. This gets around a bug in the MC70 (for which there is also a hotfix available from Motorola/Symbol)
  • Fixes to ScanCmdScanDisable in Symbol and Intermec barcode scanner support
  • Added code to cancel barcode scanner read when Windows focus is lost and re-issue read when focus regained to allow the scanner to be shared
  • Added support for IMC functions
  • Added RegistrationHost, RegistrationPort and AlarmPowerOn=No StyleTapInit.ini options

Release Notes for Version 1.1.016

VERSION 1.1.016 (2009-08-10)

  • Fix for display problem on Samsung Saga
  • Added support for CE 6.0 devices to eliminate warning messages
  • Fix to installation problem for Treo 800w and possibly other WM 6.1 devices. An extraneous dialog was being displayed and backup directory was not being deleted
  • Fix for crashing problem on Dell X5 when external storage card was inserted
  • Fixed checkbox and popup list arrows so that they are painted with the proper colours
  • Various fixes for ePocrates
  • Added support so that keyboard codes VK_APP5/6 are mapped to vchrHard5/6
  • Fixes for CoachClinic
  • Changed way that sound volume is handled for single notes and midi files
  • Fix so that shared subdirectory will be recognized as storage card when running on the WM desktop emulator
  • Fix so that shared subdirectory will have a media type of SD card when running on the WM desktop emulator
  • Fix to problem when "FastScreenUpdate=No" was specified in the StyleTapInit.ini file on a device with a 320 x 320 display, the Windows nav bar and StyleTap menu bar were being displayed on startup
  • GrfInitState added
  • Implementation of SysReset changed. Now it causes appStopEvents to be sent to application and will cause device to reboot after application has terminated
  • Changed keyboard behaviour so that Ctl-a no longer invokes StyleTap About dialog. Some barcode scanners seem to occasionally generate this character

Release Notes for Version 1.1.014

VERSION 1.1.014 (2009-04-04)

  • Treo Pro: Calendar key shows/hides the Windows task bar and the StyleTap command bar. Messages key shows/hides the current application menu. Options key followed by Calendar key enables/disables game mode (Q,W,O,P keys)
  • Sample program tryDa (directory assistant) included instead of dirAssist
  • Fix to WinPaintChar(s) when using winMask mode (Handmark Scrabble)
  • Fix for intermittent problem with LG KS20 when deleting files
  • Improvements to buffering strategy for audio recording and playback
  • Change to implementation of insertion point blinking within fields
  • Fix to VFSFileGetDate so that it works with directories as well as files
  • Fix to StrStr
  • Added workaround to fix problem in DateBk6
  • Fixes for painting rectangle interiors for rectangles with rounded corners
  • Fix to WinEraseChars (SpaceTime 3.0)
  • Fix to alarms when running PMTxl
  • Fix to use proper background colours when painting drop down list trigger and checkboxes
  • Fix when setting 66% display mode on double density device (will change it to 160 x 160)
  • WinCreateOffscreenWindow with nativeFormat will now create a bitmap with little endian data instead of big endian data (Power48)
  • PrefGetAppPreferences changed so that it returns the length that is needed rather than the length written if the buffer is too short (FirePad)
  • Changed implementation of CategoryCreateList (ShadowPalm 4.3.1)
  • Changed FldSetText so that insertion point is set to last character in field
  • Fix to TimDateTimeToSeconds to allow month to be zero (5 Minute Clinical Consult)
  • Fixes to TxtConvertEncoding (GoogleMaps)
  • Added some code to force a hangup on a dialup connection if StyleTap initiated the call

Release Notes for Version 1.1.012

VERSION 1.1.012 (2008-10-08)

  • Samsung i-780: Fixes for Windows start menu and OK keys and added support for game keys (enable/disable by typing Alt then left softkey)
  • Treo 800w: Fixes for Calendar and Message keys and added support for game keys (enable/disable by typeing Fn then left softkey)
  • Fixed problem with Motorola MCxx devices not being recognized
  • Fixed screen orientation problem with iPaq 9xx series devices
  • Fixed keyboard problem for Verizon SMT5800
  • Added support for "SurroundBackgroundColor=black" in StyleTapInit.ini file. Used for programs like Planetarium that have "night" mode
  • Fixed problem when opening Bluetooth COM port on devices using Widcomm stack, the StyleTap screen was not being restored
  • Fix for problem with modification number in database headers that were not being updated when database was modified
  • Fixed problem with WinGetWindowExtent when draw window was NULL (Splash Travel)
  • Fixed problem with insertion point being enabled erroneously(4Cast)
  • Fixed problem when exporting memo,vCard or vCal using Exchange Manager when name was prefixed with "_local:" (CoPilot)
  • Fixed problem when TblGetItemInt was called with invalid parameters (NinerPaint)
  • Fixed intermittent problem on Treo 800w when deleting files
  • Fixed problem so that UI Color table is always reset when color palette is changed using WinPalette
  • Fixed problem with slider control when pagesize is set to 0
  • Fixed problem with FrmShowObject when operating on lists (Plucker)
  • Fixed problem with TblSelectItem when invalid parameters were passed (Kinoma Player)
  • Eliminated unnecessary list redraw when list item is selected/unselected
  • Fixed problem in KaplanToGo with controls with identical IDs

Release Notes for Version 1.1.010

VERSION 1.1.010 (2008-07-16)

  • display and keyboard fixes for Samsung i-600 and i320 series smartphones
  • fix to CategoryGetNext
  • change to TimDateTimeToSeconds to allow day in DateTime to be zero (WeightDiary)
  • fix to TxtConvertEncoding
  • fix for TestBal
  • fix for iPaq 2xx devices
  • fix to TblRowMasked so that it returns false if table or row parms are invalid (Franklin Covey's Prioritized Task List)
  • fix to daylight savings time system preference prefDaylightSavingAdjustment (Planetarium)
  • fix to allow co-existence with Grabba barcode scanner DLL
  • minor fixes to Motorola 68000 emulator (HB++)

VERSION 1.1.009 (2008-05-02)

  • change to the captions for the StyleTap App Installer
  • added support for Turkish code page
  • text changes to the registration screen
  • fix for StyleTap App Installer for Windows Vista
  • fixes to VFSFileGetDate() and VFSFileSetDate() to reflect UTC
  • fix to SerGetStatus
  • fix to VFSCustomControl
  • fix to MemLocalIDToPtr (Vaper 3)
  • fix when rendering text using winOverlay mode (LapTimer)
  • fix to processing of ctlEnterEvent (Handheld Competence)
  • added support for %C format for StrPrintF (ChemTable)
  • changes to StyleTap Product key generation which affects various HTC devices such as the HTC Touch/Mogul/Titan and possibly various WM Smartphones which use the stricter security model (e.g. devices from T-Mobile)
  • fix so that key and pen events are returned before nilEvents (Passwords Plus)
  • fix to ExpCardInfo so that serial number is returned properly (Peck)
  • fix to StpGetRegistrationKeyFromServer
  • added support for Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617) and i620
  • fixed keyboard support for Verizon xv6800/Sprint 6800/HTC Titan/Mogul
  • removed some unnecessary validation in WinScreenMode (PilotLines)
  • fix for WM 6 keyboard support for HTC S620/S621
  • optimization for DmSetDatabaseInfo so that database files are not unnecessarily updated (ZIPCAD)
  • various VFS fixes (DocsToGo)
  • fix to CategoryInitialize (DocsToGo)
  • DataMgr fix for (DocsToGo)
  • fixes to EvtGetPenBtnList and EvtGetSilkscreenAreaList (Aggression)

VERSION 1.1.007 (2007-11-20)

  • added support for Moto Q9h
  • label text changed for enterprise registration over the Internet
  • PrefGetPreference (prefMeasurementSystem) now returns unitsEnglish if the WM device country setting is the USA
  • fix to DmFindSortPosition so that deleted attribute is ignored in parameter sort info block. Fixes problems in ISOFits and some NSBasic programs
  • fixes to exchange manager. Fixes problems in Auriga
  • fix to FileReadLow when destructive read has been specified and database has been opened for read only (Tecnomix)
  • fix to use correct decimal separator from Windows Mobile settings (PowerOne Personal Calculator)
  • fix to lists when user callback is set
  • fix to WinDrawTruncChars
  • fix for Symbol MC70 where files created on an external card were created as hidden files
  • added check to see if key pressed has been set as a WM Hotkey for keys VK_APP1 to VK_APP4 before processing it. Fixes problem with Grabba barcode scanner
  • implemented SysTaskWait and FrmGetLabelFont
  • removed asserts for TblRowUsable and added validation
  • fix for keyboard problem with Crosswords
  • added validation to BmpDelete to fix problem in Bike Or Die version 1.5

VERSION 1.1.006 (2007-09-23)

  • changed way list highlighting/unhighlighting is done when user callback is defined
  • corrected media type returned for SD cards with profile "SDMemory"
  • added form pointer validation to fix problems in Chapura TurboPasswords, Music TA and GigglePop Auto Auction Market Report
  • fixes for Ultralingual, Ultrasoft DataShield, Highhand MemoPlus, Eshdev Hebrew, LapTimer, FontEditor and WWCalc
  • added Symbol scanner DLL SymbolScannerDLLv12 which uses v1.2 of Symbol Scanner SDK to fix problems with some of the more recent Symbol scanner models
  • added support for HTC 621, Asus A696 and Psion Workabout

VERSION 1.1.003 (2007-07-05)

  • Added menu items in StyleTap Launcher and functions in StyleTap API to enable/disable StyleTap processing of incoming beamed objects. Some devices from T-Mobile have security settings that do not allow StyleTap code to be run when incoming beamed objects arrive and this also prevents the object to be passed to the default system object handler
  • Modified the way that deleted records are stored in internal stp file format to be consistent with PRC/PDB format
  • support for HTC S710 and Xda Cosmo
  • fix for VidaOne MySportTraining
  • (Handmark MPG) nilEvents are now generated by blinking field cursor and fix done for DmSeekRecordInCategory when index is equal to number of records
  • fix to allow barcode scanner to work on Handheld Products Dolphin 7600
  • fix for shutting down PocketTunes when terminating
  • fix for PDA ToolBox menu problem

VERSION 1.1.000 (2007-05-29)

  • added general support for integrated barcode scanners
  • added general support for Symbol barcode scanner API
  • fix to problem introduced in version 1.0.025 which caused issues running on Windows CE
  • fixes in sound generation support
  • fix to problem in PowerOne Graph using popup lists
  • cleanup invalid system feature pointers when starting StyleTap Platform
  • fix for stylus problems in signature capture in some applications and on Treo 750 in general
  • fix to resolve problem with StyleTap OEM certificate signing using pre-XP Windows desktop versions

VERSION 1.0.025 (2007-04-20)

  • T-Mobile Dash fixes for display and keyboard problems
  • keyboard fixes for Moto Q amd Samsung Blackjack when T9/word completion is enabled
  • support multi-press and T9 keyboard input for (12 key keyboard) Smartphones
  • support for the Symbol barcode scanner API on Symbol and Intermec Windows Mobile/CE devices. Note: Use of this support beyond 14 trial period requires a special license. Please contact sales@styletap.com if you are interested
  • display enhancement for Satellite Forms applications when running on a QVGA device
  • fix for TIMI Score Risk Calculator
  • fixes to hanging problems in SrmReceive and SrmClose for SoaringPilot
  • fix to menu color problems when using 5-way keys to navigate menus in some applications
  • added active window notification when list or menu is dismissed
  • added validation to not allow consecutive separator characters in a numeric field
  • added support for netSettingCloseWaitTime
  • StyleTap registration can now be done directly over the internet from the device for customers who purchase multiple copies
  • support for M3 CE 5.0 device

VERSION 1.0.021 (2007-02-23)

  • fix for problem when running applications using Thumb code in PNOs ("ARMlets") on devices using Samsung S3Cxxx processors. These devices include the Treo 750 and some iPAQ Pocket PC models. This enables many applications such as Kinoma Player 4.1 and GoogleMaps to run on these devices
  • fix for Samsung Blackjack '0' key
  • fix for Smartphones when using softkeys to navigate Symbol input screens
  • fix for NeoCalc and other CASLrt applications
  • enhancement to exception handling to fix problems when running Vindigo
  • performance optimization to the StyleTap Launcher so that it does not refresh the launcher screen if it is running and a non-launchable database is received

VERSION 1.0.017 (2007-02-07)

  • Fix for WM Smartphone installation. The last CAB installer dialog should now be automatically dismissed
  • fix for screen orientation problem for Samsung Blackjack and ipaq rx5765/rx5915
  • fix for keyboard problems for T-Mobile Dash (HTC S620) and Samsung Blackjack (i607)
  • updated Smartphone instructions in readme.txt file

VERSION 1.0.009 (2007-01-17)

  • preview support for Windows Mobile powered Smartphones like Motorola Moto Q
  • Kinoma Player 4 EX support
  • fixes for HTC sliding keyboard devices when switching between landscape and portrait
  • fixes for DateBk5. Previously could only run DateBk5 version 3.1 and earlier
  • added virtual cursor controlled by 5-way navigation keys, enabling all applications to run on devices without touchscreens, like the Motorola Q Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone

VERSION 1.0.002 (2006-11-14)

  • TCP/IP fix for GoogleMaps and Vindigo
  • new StpSpecialEffect API to control vibrator and LED. Also used in AttnDoSpecialEffects
  • improved install/reinstall on Windows Mobile 5.0

VERSION 1.0.001 (2006-10-31)

  • Release 1.0

VERSION 0.9.171 (2006-10-25)

  • Release 1.0 candidate C
  • fix installation problem in v0.9.167
  • fix obscure TCP/IP close error
  • new StyleTap API StpUpdateDisplayBuffer allows graphics-intensive apps to optimize display updates
  • various text fixes including handling of text characters €‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹Œ‘’“”•–—˜™š›œŸ
  • fix intermittent problem with lost alarms on some devices (publicly released as v0.9.167 on 2006-10-18)

VERSION 0.9.167 (2006-10-19)

  • Release 1.0 candidate B
  • handling of alarms more robust on certain devices

VERSION 0.9.165 (2006-10-13)

  • Release 1.0 candidate A
  • handle appointments, contacts, etc. beamed from previously incompatible devices
  • various fixes for Satellite Forms apps, Bilitool, HTC TyTn devices
  • fix installation problem on non-English devices
  • optimized DmDeleteDatabase
  • optimized screen painting when not in Fast Screen Update mode
  • fixes to SrmGetStatus, DmOpenDatabase, nil event timing
  • new StyleTap API StpUnloadDatabase frees all memory associated with a closed database

VERSION 0.9.160 (2006-09-20)

  • discover Bluetooth serial ports on WM5
  • receive OBEX object via Bluetooth on WM5
  • new StyleTap APIs: StpSetFastScreenMode, StpSetSipScreenPosition
  • implemented DmSyncDatabase and DmSync to flush one or all databases to permanent memory Warning! Frequent calls or use with large databases may impact performance
  • numerous serial IO improvements, including serial link support and port mapping tools
  • fix installation problem on non-English devices
  • allow StyleTap to run on new Palm Treo and Symbol devices
  • fixes and optimizations for
    • ZipCad
    • Bike or Die
    • RPNCalc
    • Commander's Organizer
    • Toysoft

VERSION 0.9.150 (2006-08-02)

  • maintenance fix for PocketTunes

VERSION 0.9.146 (2006-07-28)

  • miscellaneous maintenance fixes

VERSION 0.9.144 (2006-07-22)

  • landscape mode support (rev 1). See Readme.txt for how-to-use information
  • support for HP iPAQ hw65xx Mobile Messenger smartphones. See Readme.txt for how-to-use information.
  • added Directory Assistant to sample apps
  • handle short VCard and VCalendar OBEX transactions. Check "Receive all incoming beams" setting after installing
  • Bluetooth virtual serial port for both widcomm and Microsoft stacks now associated with virtual port 'rfcm'
  • added OverWrite option to AppInstaller dialog to suppress "Confirm replace" dialog on device
  • fixes, enhancements and optimizations for
    • Documents To Go
    • PatientKeeper
    • PedsHTN
    • Planetarium Satellite Forms applications
    • Toysoft Personal Audio Recorder

VERSION 0.9.136 (2006-06-16)

  • fixes, enhancements and optimizations for
    • AeroPlayer
    • Astromist
    • BalanceLog
    • BluefishRx
    • CASL
    • Crime-IQ
    • Directory Assistant
    • DocumentsToGo
    • Electrical Inspector
    • GigTracker
    • HandyShopper
    • Hoops
    • Machinist
    • Mobile Bourse
    • Palmary Clock
    • PDA Toolbox
    • Pendragon Forms
    • Piaf
    • PlanesWalker
    • Pro Swimmer
    • !pzip
    • Rhythm Pro
    • ScaleTuneE
    • Schulplaner 2
    • SlidesToGo
    • SolFree
    • TriLoan
    • Uniplaner
    • WM2006
    • WordToGo
    • World Hockey Championship
    • WorldMate
    • WWCalc
  • basic dial support using Handspring phone API; built-in dialer app
  • verified use of WM5.0 camera API through Native Library support
  • added stub app to launch Internet Explorer as default browser
  • IR support improvements
  • beaming bundled databases and overlays (send and receive)
  • OEM kit allows third-party apps to be bundled with StyleTap
  • added command-line -stop switch to StyleTap.exe

VERSION 0.9.126 (2006-03-31)

  • support for HandHeld Basic and Bhajis Loops
  • new StyleTap APIs to manage OEM licenses, configure dialout connections and terminate StyleTap
  • improved ARMlet and sound support (Pocket Tunes)
  • MemHandleResetLock (A034) added; changed WinErase bitmaps
  • NetLibSocketOption and NetLibClose support improved
  • configurable autodial invoked in NetLibOpen
  • support for Opticon PHL 5100, HP iPAQ 2490 and Intermec 730 devices
  • fixes in data manager, list handler, field support

VERSION 0.9.110 (2006-02-15)

  • installation dialogs adapted for square screen devices

VERSION 0.9.108 (2006-02-03)

Initial support for square-screen devices and Palm® Treo™ 700w smartphone

  • On the Treo 700w, Windows Mobile taskbar (at top) and StyleTap command bar (at bottom) can be shown/hidden by pressing the left action key. By default, these bars are initially hidden when you run a StyleTap application. StyleTap runs slightly faster if the taskbar and command bar are hidden
  • The right action key causes the current application menu to be shown/hidden
  • If the device has a keyboard, menu shortcut characters are displayed and can be triggered (when the menu is active) by keyboard input
  • With the StyleTap command bar showing, you can use the SIP (keyboard) icon to bring up the virtual keyboard/input area. When the SIP is up, only part of the application is visible; you can scroll the screen using the up/down navigation keys
  • From any StyleTap application, press the OK button to jump back to the StyleTap Launcher. From the StyleTap Launcher, press the OK button to terminate StyleTap
  • Some games need access to the four Palm hard keys. On a Treo 700w with StyleTap, you can use Game Mode to access these keys. To switch to Game Mode, press Alt followed by the left action key. In Game Mode, the keyboard keys Q, W, O and P generate Palm key codes for hard key 1 (usually the Calendar key on a Palm device), hard key 2 (usually the Address Book key), hard key 3 (usually the To Do key) and hard key 4 (usually the Notes key) respectively. Game mode lasts until you press Alt and the left action key again, or switch out of or terminate the current application.

Improved support for 5-way navigation keys

  • use to navigate menus, popup lists, help screens and insertion point within a field
  • left/right/center keys generate vchrRockerLeft/vchrRockerRight/vchrRockerCenter character codes
  • up/down keys generate pageUp/pageDown if no object in the current form has focus and vchrRockerUp/vchrRockerDown otherwise

General improvements

  • improved appearance of LargeBold font on triple-density displays; fixed a LargeBold font width problem
  • reinstall on Windows Mobile 5.0 keeps Registration Key
  • after any app or database is installed, associated app is invoked with sysAppLaunchCmdSyncNotify
  • fixed problems with PocketTest, SlovoEd dictionaries, SmartListToGo, PocketTunes, and certain ARMlet calls

VERSION 0.9.100 (2005-12-21)


Code improvements and fixes for the following applications and others:

  • MedCalc
  • Balance Log
  • MiniPolis
  • Star Party/App Forge
  • VideoHound
  • VideoPoker
  • GeoTop
  • Geomagnetic and RiseSet
  • Soaring Pilot (VFSFileOpen fix)
  • Daily Text
  • Sales Warrior
  • WomenDay
  • MagicScout
  • DocumentsToGo
  • Compatibility with Intermec handheld computers


  • Window area below StyleTap display changed to white from gray
  • Improved LargeBold font
  • Added exit option in StyleTap Launcher Applications menu to terminate StyleTap Platform

VERSION 0.9.095 (2005-11-17)


  • Support for EDGE (see www.zanegames.com)
  • Support iPAQ hx2000 series Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
  • Updates for Ob/Gyn PreTest, Documents To Go, ThoughtManager and other applications
  • Table handling improved
  • Fix InsPtFreeze crash


  • Handling of hardware buttons not intended for by StyleTap applications
  • Application Installer progress and filesize calculations
  • Handling of incoming beamed data and files
  • (Windows CE) New StyleTap Platform API: GetMainWindowHandle
  • Issue keyDownEvent/vchrLateWakeup to active applications when device is powered up
  • Application Installer works on Windows 98
  • Improved Tools menu wording in StyleTap Launcher
  • Added StyleTap APIs DatabaseFlush and DatabaseFlushAll to cause an updated database or all databases to be written out immediately to permanent memory

VERSION 0.9.090 (2005-10-07)


  • Alarms work correctly when device is powered off
  • EvtResetAutoOffTimer supported
  • WWCalc now supported


  • Installs and runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC devices
  • Added automated and batch registration APIs
  • Added BringToForeground API
  • Avoid power-on notification errors after installation to expansion cards

VERSION 0.9.085 (2005-09-23)


  • Native Library Support added
  • Bitmap resizing improved
  • Runs in Microsoft Device Emulator (for Pocket PC 2003 SE)
  • Application Installer accepts .ZIP archives
  • Application Installer can run in batch mode (no user interface)

VERSION 0.9.080 (2005-08-23)


  • Serial IO improvements
  • NetLib and TCP/IP: Autodial works with PPP modem connection configured in Pocket PC
  • Compatibility improvements for Life Balance, MIMS, Mathpad, and SongBook


  • Major performance improvements for graphics-intensive applications and games
  • Special handling for AXIM X50v graphics accelerator (DIB mode color mapping)
  • Improved handling of armlets

VERSION 0.9.075 (2005-07-29)


  • Updates for Star Pilot, Machinist, LocationManager, Trek, QuizApp, and powerOne Graph applications. (See ReleaseNotes.txt for details.)
  • Improve end-of-line handling for text pasted between StyleTap and Windows applications
  • Implement SysGetROMToken. Returns hardware serial number as a 12-character alphanumeric string
  • Display Sony high-resolution bitmaps
  • Fixes to MenuSetActiveMenu and NetLibAddrAToIN


  • Improved memory cleanup after applications terminate
  • Install ReleaseNotes.txt in same location as readme.txt
  • Improved user name change dialog
  • Clip and display font glyphs that are wider than the max width for the font

VERSION 0.9.070 (2005-06-29)


  • Lido SmartCompanion from Lufthansa Systems works well with StyleTap® Platform
  • Pocket Lighting from West Side Systems works well with StyleTap® Platform. Note that you must install a current version of the Satellite Forms extension SFE_Graphics.prc, not the version included with Pocket Lighting

VERSION 0.9.065 (2005-06-16)


  • You can now set the user name (also called the sync ID) to any string value. Since this setting is used to register many applications, you can run applications that you previously registered on another device by copying the old user name over to the StyleTap device. Many users had asked for this function. To display or change the user name for the device running StyleTap® Platform, choose the menu Options/User Name from the StyleTap Launcher program. The user name can only be changed once every 24 hours


  • Worked around a Windows Mobile memory allocation restriction that caused several applications to fail at startup


  • Fixed a bug in the regional settings that caused StyleTap Platform to crash when it was run on Chinese-language PDAs. StyleTap Platform still only supports English-language operations, but now it can run on Chinese Windows devices and on English Windows devices with CE-Star Chinese language support installed


  • Added support for little-endian bitmaps, which are used in some newer applications


  • When you use the StyleTap Application Installer to install several programs or databases at the same time, you no longer have to confirm acceptance of each object on the handheld.
  • You can drag and drop programs and databases into the list of "Files ready to be installed".


  • We continue to fix problems with specific applications as they are identified. If you submitted a support ticket which was addressed in this release, we will notify you by email.


  • Use FtrGet (sysFtrCreator, sysFtrNumOEMROMVersion, &versionBuildNumber) to obtain the version number of StyleTap Platform that your application is running on. See the Knowledgebase article "Is This App Running on StyleTap® Platform?"
  • Use the StyleTap API function GetDesktopIpAddress() in StyleTapPlatform.h to develop your own socket-based synchronization solution. More documentation will be available shortly, or contact StyleTap Support if you are interested.
  • Your application installation script can copy your .prc and .pdb files to the "ToBeInstalled" subdirectory (e.g. C:\Program Files\StyleTap\ToBeInstalled, if StyleTap was installed in its default location). The next time the StyleTap Application Installer program is run, all databases in this location will be imported into the "Files ready to be installed" list, so they can be installed to the handheld simply by clicking on the "Install to device" button.

VERSION 0.9.050 (2005-04-27)