NOTE: StyleTap for Android interim version v0.8.033 is needed to run under Android 11, and requires the use of Web Tools to install and export Palm apps and databases. See the v0.8.033 Release Notes for more information.

StyleTap® for iPhone® (Retired)

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® is now longer available for purchase and is no longer being updated beyond v0.9.018.

  StyleTap for iPhone (Retired Product)
Price: Not available for purchase
Version: v0.9.018 (final version)
Support: No longer available.

Updating Versions Using Cydia

  • Users with earlier versions can still update to the final v0.9.018 version.
  • StyleTap Platform uses another iPhone application called Cydia to do the initial install and subsequent upgrades.
  • Cydia is the de facto standard installer program for non-App Store applications, building a list of available applications and then automatically downloading and installing the applications you choose onto your device.
  • To upgrade your copy of StyleTap Platform for iPhone, you simply need to follow the step-by-step instructions for telling Cydia where to find the StyleTap repository, and then using Cydia to select and upgrade the application.
  • If you replace your iOS device, you can still request a courtesy replacement key for your new device.

Installing Palm OS Applications

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