NOTE: StyleTap for Android interim version v0.8.034 is needed to run under Android 11. See the v0.8.034 Release Notes for more information.

StyleTap and Applications

StyleTap can run the vast majority (95+%) of applications written for Palm OS, which means there are literally thousands of StyleTap-compatible applications available. It is impossible to keep an up-to-date list of applications.

In general, as long as the application doesn’t use conduits (i.e., uses HotSync to synchronize information back to your desktop), use “hacks” (i.e., uses the HackMaster API) and doesn’t want to directly manipulate the Palm hardware registers, then it will likely run fine under StyleTap.

The best way to determine whether an application will run on StyleTap is simply to install the free trial version of StyleTap on the device and try the application. If an application runs on one version (e.g., StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile), it will (unless it uses some unique hardware interface) also run on another version (e.g., StyleTap Platform for Android).